1.What is the difference between this website and amazon?

This is our company own website, but we also sell our products on amazon.

2.How long does it take to ship?

We will shipping the package in 24 hours from US after your payment and can deliver in 2-5 days

3.What is the payment method?

Paypal or credit card.

4.After I paid,how can I get my money guaranteed?

You can open paypal case or contact card bank to suspend this amount.

5.If I do not satisfied with the product quality, can I return it back?


6.Are these materials make people allergic?

No, 100% Safe and healthy materials

7.Is it high quality same as the amazon store?

100% same as our amazon store include the packing.

8.Are they often introduce new products?

Yes,we will introducing the new products every month

9. Does it look as good as a picture?

100% same as the pictures

10. Is it a good choice as a family gift?

Whether it is given to family or friends this is a good choice

11.does these change color or turn green?

No, our products has made of high quality alloy or stainless steel.